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Loyens & Loeff is an independent and internationally oriented tax and corporate law firm. We consider the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland our home markets, where we offer a full-service legal and tax practice. Over 1400 fte’s work for the firm including 850+ tax advisers and corporate / regulatory lawyers.

We have our own network of offices in major financial centers, staffed with specialists in Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg and Swiss law. We do not advice on matters of French law but can rely on our strong relations with French top-ranked law firms.

Paris Office

30-year French market presence

From our Paris office we have been servicing French (oriented) clients with high quality legal and tax support for over 30 years. Thanks to this long history, we have an extensive network of contacts with the principal law firms in the Paris market. We can rely on these strong relationships for matters that involve French law, as we do not advise in this.

We speak your language

Attorneys and tax advisors in our Paris office are fluent in French in order to understand and serve our clients in the best and most personal way possible. Through our Paris office we offer our French (oriented) clients service on-the-ground, in their own language, in-person meetings and connection to our specialists abroad and in our international network.

Dedicated to France

Our firm’s extensive expertise on all France-related tax and legal topics is combined in our French team. The team includes over 40 specialists from the Paris office as well as our home offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland with a focus on the French market. The clients they service are primarily French-based multinational enterprises, international private equity firms and real estate investors who turn to us for advice on their operations in our home markets.

Visitors address

1, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt

75008 Paris


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T: +33 1 495 391 25

F: +33 1 495 394 29