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New York

The New York office is staffed with specialists in Dutch and Luxembourg tax, corporate, fund and finance law who provide expertise in these areas to the North American market, with a specific focus on the US. The office does not provide advice on matters of US law.

Loyens & Loeff office New York

US expertise

For more than 40 years, US clients have turned to the New York office for legal and tax support of their business activities in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. With legal experts, tax advisers and civil law notaries under one roof, we are able to provide our US clients with a unique full-service package.

Service close to home

To assist with clients’ legal and tax needs, our New York office maintains a team of approximately ten European attorneys and advisers specialised in tax, corporate, fund and finance law.

US clients benefit from our New York-based team of European legal experts, through service in their own time zone, in-person meetings and connection to our specialists abroad. For investments into the US, our team can connect clients to a broad network of trusted US advisers who solve complex legal and tax problems.

The clients of our New York office are primarily US-based multinational enterprises, banks, private equity firms and real estate investors who turn to us for advice on their European operations. Clients can always expect personalised service from our team. We organise seminars and webcasts in the US where our specialists present and we actively participate in US professional organisations and networks.

Experienced US-based team

Through our New York office, our clients have access to Loyens & Loeff’s integrated tax and legal services related to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. If clients require legal advice or services on any specific business-related topic involving the US, our US-dedicated team of over 100 specialised advisers can help. Their expertise includes corporate reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, international tax, financing transactions, litigation, intellectual property, investment management, employment, real estate, regulatory and board room counselling.

Clients active in specific sectors, such as energy, food & beverage and life sciences, can place their trust in our US-dedicated team’s experts that specialise in these sectors.

Our team

Our team consists of European law experts who are seconded from the offices of Loyens & Loeff in Europe and are regularly rotated between Europe and the US. The clients of the New York office consist primarily of US and Canadian-based multinational enterprises, banks, private equity and real estate funds. We also work closely with the major US and Canadian law firms seeking our assistance in solving complex international tax-related matters for their clients, and in establishing and restructuring their overseas legal structures. 

Overseas legal expertise

Through the New York office, North American-based clients have access to Loyens & Loeff's full-service legal expertise with regard to any overseas legal issue, in their own time zone. The New York based professionals of Loyens & Loeff have been trained in and are capable of rendering their specialist European expertise in a format and manner which conforms to North American legal culture and customs.

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