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Acquisition Finance

International acquisition financing advice requires proper understanding of the finance and private equity markets and the relevant business and industry. With changing markets and new players, you need someone who can assist you in structuring and negotiating your acquisition finance arrangements.

Beach Sandales Birkenstock Deal

Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg advised on the successful bid for the acquisition of the Birkenstock group

Guiding you through the challenges of financing transactions

We advise you at all stages of the acquisition finance process from bid to closing and address the issues that commonly arise or alternative solutions that may be most suitable to achieve the best position for you.

A dedicated multi-disciplinary acquisition finance team

We are therefore well-positioned to provide you with tailor-made and innovative structuring solutions, negotiate the best terms on your behalf from a finance, corporate, tax and risk-mitigation perspective in all stages of the transaction to get the deal done.

How can we assist you?

Understanding the commercial objectives and needs of both the lenders and the borrowers/sponsors in an acquisition finance transaction is essential to achieving the right outcome. This enhances our ability to design products and instruments that minimise risk, offer flexibility, and balance strategic considerations with financing needs.