Smart subscription tool

Loyens & Loeff launches Smart Subscription Tool

A dedicated Technology & Innovation team

As a Loyens & Loeff client, you can trust in our team to provide technological solutions that deliver real benefits. With our client-focused view of technology, we save time and keep moving forward, even when faced with major challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast-track to the future with AI

When you’re up against a tight deadline for a transaction, it’s a race against the clock to review the ever-increasing volume of documents and contract information. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies help us speed up document reviews, resolve any issues and get the job done even faster for you.

Boosting efficiency with in-house solutions

To offer you the most efficient support, our in-house legal and tax engineers offer special online templates to help you provide everything we need to draft your legal and tax documents. You’ll also benefit from e-signature, video authentication and other technologies that keep things running smoothly in our digital world.

Press release - 14 November 2019 - Global

Loyens & Loeff Announces Enhanced Legal Service Capabilities with Kira

Loyens & Loeff, an international tax and law firm, today announced a new program to adopt the machine learning contract analysis solution, Kira, as they enhance...
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