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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility in a nutshell.

Operating responsibly: A trusted partner

Operating responsibly means being trusted by our clients to deliver accurate, neutral and confidential tax and legal advice. It also means being respected as a corporate citizen in society.

Supporting communities: Being a good neighbour

Evidence shows that businesses thrive when neighbourhoods thrive. This is why investing in our communities is not only about being a good neighbour, it’s about safeguarding a future pipeline of talented people, and creating resilient local supply chains and new client opportunities. We have chosen to focus our efforts on youth and education.

Caring for our people: shaping positive future

As a professional services firm, our employees are the greatest assets we have. We rely on talented individuals who offer a diversity of perspectives and we have a responsibility to shape a positive future for them, from onboarding to retirement.

Protecting the environment: towards a cleaner future

We see the potential in a cleaner, greener economy. By becoming an efficient and smart business, we will realise new client opportunities in environmental law and alternative energy.