Podcast about Digital Economy Platforms
Podcast about Digital Economy Platforms
Interested to know more about platform economy, the employment and tax position of platform workers and how to avoid risks of a wrong qualification as much as possible? The podcast discusses the place platform workers occupy in the digital economy, which rights and obligations they have, and which challenges they and the platforms they work for are facing from a civil law and tax perspective.
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Digital Economy

Digital Economy

Digital transformation is all about using the latest technology to improve your business model. Digital technology creates new business opportunities which in turn creates a whole new range of tax and legal challenges such as contracting, data protection, privacy questions, intellectual property, consumer protection and competition issues.

The speed at which digital technology has become an integral part of our daily lives has overtaken most legislative processes. In recent years, the European Union, Member-States and international legislative bodies have therefore increased their regulatory efforts.


The second edition of the book Digital Competition Law in Europe was published by Kluwer on 18 July 2023. This matchless volume is a must-read for any practitioner or academic who encounters competition law related to digital markets.

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Our Employment & Benefits team can assist in shaping your policy and provide legal and tax assistance to create and maintain a flexible workforce tailored to match your business goals. This is done in full compliance with all current and extensive labour law and wage tax legislation. Our experts can advise you on topics ranging from platform work to self-employed persons, and agency workers.

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We regularly inform our clients about changes in the law, relevant case law and other interesting developments that may have consequences for employers. Through personal contact, in-house meetings, webinars and roundtable discussions, we ensure that as an employer you stay up to date with the most recent developments.