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Secured Lending

The key to a successful financing arrangement is to manage risk through proper assessment, structuring and negotiation of the financing terms, security interests and guarantees. We cover and guide you through the broad range of legal matters that arise in connection with secured lending transactions.

ICLG lending & secured finance

Lending and secured finance in Luxembourg

Advising on secured lending solutions

Our banking and finance team has extensive experience in all areas of secured lending. We provide high added- value advice on lending terms and security packages, guarantees, enforcement processes and debt structuring or restructuring and advice on the impact of current domestic and internationals markets trends on finance and security documentation.

A dedicated multi-disciplinary secured lending team

Our team of legal and tax experts has a strong reputation in both domestic and cross-border finance transactions. We have successfully represented the most active international banks, arrangers, lenders and sponsors.

We structure and negotiate your most complex transactions

Whether we assist lenders, borrowers and sponsors in all types of secured lending transactions, our primary task is to always put your best interests forward in the negotiation and implementation of your secured lending transactions.