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International Arbitration

Rapidity, flexibility, discretion - international arbitration offers many advantages. If you wish to obtain a quick decision on a matter or the disputed issue is highly technical, arbitration suits your needs. Our lawyers have the skills to support you with this specific procedure.

business people in building - New draft bill to reform the Luxembourg arbitration law

New draft bill to reform the Luxembourg arbitration law

A dedicated arbitration team

Whether you would like more information on arbitration proceedings or have already opted for arbitration, our specialists may assist. Our team combines knowledge with proven expertise to guide our clients through complex arbitration matters.

Qualified to preeminent arbitration institutes

You may have signed various contracts containing arbitration clauses involving different institutes. Our team has experience in proceedings under the rules of most of the leading domestic and international arbitration institutes, such as ICC and NAI.

Advising on the enforcement of arbitration awards

Once the decision has been taken by the arbitrators, you need the award to be enforced without delay. We are experienced in dealing with the enforcement of arbitration awards, including issues related to the recognition and enforcement of ICC arbitral awards.