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Are you considering investing in Asia Pacific or expanding your business out of the region? Our knowledgeable tax advisers and corporate lawyers provide expert guidance on Asian outbound and inbound investments, as well as on M&A’s and business restructuring. With offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (the Benelux), and Switzerland, we are deeply engaged in Europe’s stable and welcoming investment climate. Together with our Asia Pacific offices, we guarantee world class investment advice to international investors, multinationals, financial institutions and other international organisations.

Dedicated Local Team

Our history with the Asia Pacific region goes back many years. Our dedicated teams, operating from offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, allow for an intense and frequent contact with our local or international clients, in the local time zone and with people who fully understand the local context.

Ideal investment climate

The economic competitiveness of the Benelux region, together with high quality infrastructure, and proximity to European decision-makers and some of the world’s biggest financial centres, makes this region ideal for international investments and headquarters.

Effective & Responsive

Cross-border investments from the Asia Pacific region to Europe are continually increasing. With skilled and experienced tax and legal professionals in our offices in both Europe and Asia, we are able to meet the growing demand of our clients for expertise relating to the structuring of investments out of or into the Asia-Pacific region.

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Article - 25 June 2020 - Luxembourg

Do's and dont's of regulating third-party litigation funding

Different approaches to regulating the funding activity have emerged. France and Singapore adopted different approaches with their pros and cons.
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News - 22 February 2019 - Global

European Parliament approves screening of foreign direct investments into the EU

On 14 February 2019 the European Parliament approved an European wide framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the EU (the Regulation)....
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