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Financial Market Regulation

Our practice deals with the regulatory aspects of financing, including the supervision of banks, insurance companies, investment vehicles and funds, investment firms and other financial enterprises.

Full service expertise

We deal with the regulatory aspects of capital markets (equity and debt), which includes expertise in the regulations issued by Euronext Amsterdam. We advise on the regulatory aspects involved with the offering of new financial products and financial services. Our experts in this area assist clients in regulatory investigations by financial industry supervisors. We assist clients with litigation where financial institutions or financial regulations are involved, which includes administrative proceedings against Dutch financial markets supervisors.

Strong track record

Among our clients are Dutch and international banks, investment funds, investment firms, insurance companies, brokers, financial advisers, pension funds and corporates.

How we can help

  • Regulation of banking, investment services and insurance industries
  • Financial products and services – product development
  • Regulatory aspects of securities offerings, listings, and mergers & acquisitions in the financial industry sector
  • Funds formation
  • Stock exchange-related work