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Real Estate Transactions

Closing the deal in a real estate acquisition or disposal: to reach that point successfully, the tax and legal structure, including the financing of the transaction, need to be impeccable. By handling the deal from the first letter of intent until closing, in each and every aspects, with a dedicated transaction team, we will help you to succeed.

Cayman half above and half in water
News - 09 July 2020 - Belgium

La taxe Caïman: to trust or not to trust

Caïman (ˈkeɪ mən) n. – l’un des nombreux crocodiliens tropicaux américains du genre Caiman et des espèces apparentées Taxe - : un type d'impôt, en particulier...
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Article - 09 July 2020 - Netherlands

Financial Regulatory News Updates - June

The Financial Regulatory News Updates: an overview in which our Banking and Finance Practice Group highlights.
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Cayman half above and half in water
News - 09 July 2020 - Belgium

The Cayman tax: to trust or not to trust

cayman (ˈkeɪ mən) n., pl. -mans any of several tropical American crocodilians of the genus Caiman and allied genera - tax: a type of tax, esp. one perceived...
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Climate and environment at odds with each other
News - 08 July 2020 - Belgium

Les objectifs climatiques en collision avec les règles environnementales

Un bâton européen dans les roues des éoliennes flamandes.
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Financietoren in Brussels

Loyens & Loeff congratulates Breevast for the sale of Financietoren

Our services

  • Deal structuring
  • Business plan and tax forecast
  • Accounting and tax due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Transaction documentation and negotiations