Robin van der Ham
Senior associate - Attorney at law

Robin van der Ham

Robin (R.F.) van der Ham, attorney at law, is a member of the Employment Law, Taxes & Benefits practice group in our Rotterdam office. He focuses on pension law.

About Robin van der Ham

Robin specialises in pension law since 2004 and is an expert. He advises and represents clients in court or before the supervising authorities on high profile pension cases in relation to (large) companies, pension funds, insurance companies and associations of pensioners. He combines his expertise of contract law en procedural law with an in-depth knowledge of pension law both as the financial aspects of the complex implementation contracts. Special achievements are the representation in court in the legal disputes about the implications of employer’s investment participation in insurance agreements (profiteering insurance policy) and about the implications of terminating the implementation agreements with the company pension funds. These cases are published in the trade magazine “pensioenjurisprudentie”.
He also publishes on pension matters in professional journals.