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Common (Consolidated) Corporate Tax Base

The Common (Consolidated) Corporate Tax Base (C(C)CTB) proposed by the European Commission will have a huge impact on taxpayers if it comes into force. We can help you to assess the potential consequences for your business and understand how you can prepare for this crucial development.

Keep informed

As we follow all EU and international developments closely, we can make sure that you are always informed about the latest C(C)CTB developments so that you have plenty of time to plan ahead and make any necessary changes in your business.

Assessing your business

Our very experienced team can help you to assess the potential consequences of the C(C)CTB on your business. We can use already available tax compliance and transfer pricing information, such as your country-by-country reports.

Organisations outside the EU

For multinationals from outside the EU, we can help you to determine whether they should reorganise your structure in anticipation of the implementation.