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Family Owned Business & Private Wealth

Do you own a family business, or are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps you’re a high net worth individual? If so, we are best placed to work with you to navigate the complex tax and legal regulations affecting your family wealth or business - both at home and abroad.

"Clients highlight the team's 'dedication, knowledge, availability and business sense" - Chambers & Partners

Combining a personal and pragmatic approach

Our services will ensure your tax and legal solutions, both personal and business, are up to date and place you in the strongest position possible. We also work with you to facilitate a smooth transfer of your (family owned) company to the next generation, without disrupting the continuity of your business. We always give consideration to your individual circumstances and understand that these decisions are often as personal as they are practical.

We take a co-operative and forward-thinking approach, anticipating social dynamics, and help you to make the right choices. This also applies to our services for family offices, private bankers, (family) foundations and (family) trusts.

More than 100 years of expertise

We offer a unique, fully-integrated collaboration between tax advisers, civil law notaries, and lawyers. We find solutions to your questions using a multi-discipline approach, independent from accountants. We draw on specialist tax and legal knowledge of the regulations in our four home markets (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and our global (business) network. We work with you to transform your complex tax and legal issues into pragmatic solutions, aiming to build long-term client relationships founded on mutual trust (trusted adviser).

How we can help

We offer advice on, for example:

  • Tax and legal structuring of your family owned business;
  • Advice on the management and supervision of your family owned business and wealth;
  • Protection of your wealth and your privacy;
  • Tax and legal structuring of your succession planning;
  • Advice on prenuptial agreements and last wills;
  • Support for your emigration and/or repatriation;
  • Tax and legal structuring of your valuable assets;
  • Establishing (family) foundations and charitable organisations; and,
  • Performing tax compliance activities.
News - 08 October 2019 - Global

Implementation of the Dutch UBO-register

In this update the implementation and certain practical aspects of the Dutch UBO-register are described.
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News - 09 September 2019 - Global

New framework for the income from savings and investments (box 3)

The Dutch State Secretary of Finance outlined in a letter to the Dutch Parliament a new framework (box 3).
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News - 05 April 2019 - Netherlands

Legislative proposal for the Dutch implementation of the UBO-register submitted to parliament

On 4 April, 2019, the “Act on the registration of ultimate beneficial owners of corporate entities and other legal entities” (the UBO-register) was submitted...
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Article - 28 November 2018 - Netherlands

International private clients update 2018-2019

Entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals or related service providers face a complex framework of tax and legal rules. We are happy to help!
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What others say about us

Chambers HNW

"Loyens & Loeff remains a respected provider of private wealth advice in the Netherlands. 'That is definitely who we'd go to in the Netherlands', states an international interviewee, adding: 'They are market leaders in the Netherlands, with a strong tax pedigree'." (2019)

"Sources praise the quality of the team. 'They are engaging and easy to work with and we get the job done. It's pretty seamless stuff', says a commentator, who adds that 'they have extremely useful contacts'. Another source highlights the team's 'competence and experience'." (2019)

Chambers HNW

"Clients highlight the team's 'dedication, knowledge, availability and business sense'." A second source says: 'They are very quick to respond and communication is great.'" (2018)