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Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is more than just submitting a tax return on time. In today’s increasingly complex environment, you need to have a full grasp of all tax compliance aspects impacting your business. Our tax compliance experts are here to provide you with the necessary advice and support for you to fully be in control.

ECJ paves the way for broader application of VAT-group

ECJ paves the way for broader application of VAT-group

Signalling risk and opportunity

To what extent does your tax return give rise to actions to be taken, is it future proof for the latest developments? Taxpayers need a clear view on how to correctly apply tax advice when filing their tax returns. Our Tax Compliance Team is fully integrated with our tax advisory and transfer pricing team, and is thus ideally placed to accurately reflect our tax advice in your tax return.

Servicing efficiently

Tax compliance matters rely heavily on positions taken in the financial accounts. Separating accounting and financial reporting services from tax compliance guarantees healthy checks and balance between the two workflows. The Dedicated members of our multi-lingual team will put their all-round knowledge at your service, providing fast results.

How can we help?

Meeting the statutory deadline for filing your returns can be a struggle. Our team can, amongst others:

  • prepare and submit your direct tax returns, dividend withholding tax returns, subscription tax returns and director fees withholding tax returns
  • determine tax provisions and the tax position in your financial statements;
  • review tax assessments initiating objections and litigation procedures;
  • tax due diligence (for tax authorities’ audits)