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Indirect Tax

Indirect tax legislative changes can both lead to risks or opportunities. With more challenges arising from European and Luxembourg tax developments, companies need a partner that gets the whole picture of their company’s tax position and is able to point out the VAT red flags in their structure. Those challenges, our Indirect Tax Team can take on.

ECJ paves the way for broader application of VAT-group

ECJ paves the way for broader application of VAT-group

New opportunities, tailor-made solutions

Can the Luxembourg VAT grouping regime benefit your group? With each regulation, new opportunities may help the growth of your company. Our indirect tax team will make sure which potential exemptions and deductions apply to your structures and activities. In close contact with our direct tax colleagues (including compliance officers and lawyers), we will guarantee both compliant and efficient tax solutions.

Cooperation is key

If not properly managed, indirect tax can affect your entire business, rising issues of under-payment, poor cash flow or even tax disputes. Our team members not only tackle your compliance work, but also the proper structuring and, if need be, the litigation of your case. This gives us the ability to zoom into the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Full-fledged Services

Help you mitigating costs and avoiding risks is our main goal. Our team will thus assist you with:

- VAT registration/deregistration

- Computation of input VAT deduction right

- Analysis of the VAT treatment of your company’s upstream/downstream operations

- Preparation, review and filing of your VAT returns

- Liaise with the Luxembourg authorities

- Litigating your case