Last week, the leading Dutch legal journal Jurisprudentie Onderneming & Recht (‘Case law regarding Enterprise & Law’) published a contribution by Marit Bosselaar and Peter Sprietsma from the class actions team commenting on two interim judgments in the ongoing class action initiated by three claims organisations against TikTok under the Dutch Collective Damages in Class Action Act (Dutch Acronym: WAMCA).

Our class action team zoomed in on the TikTok case in an earlier blog on this website – and commented on the broader trend of class actions in the Netherlands against big tech as well. The Netherlands are becoming a popular venue for class actions against big tech and regarding GDPR/privacy violations.

In their recent commentary, Marit and Peter discuss some relevant aspects of the judgment in the Dutch class action against TikTok. Marit and Peter shed their light on, inter alia, the compatibility of the WAMCA and the GDPR and the ongoing discussion on whether the claim organisations ought to share their financing agreements with their litigation funders with the court and/or defendants.

Our class actions team always keeps abreast of ongoing developments in Dutch class actions (WAMCA and pre-WAMCA). Our class actions team regularly publishes commentaries and articles on the developments in Dutch class actions. The commentary on the TikTok case as well as the class actions team’s other publications are available upon request.

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