Luxembourg, a natural choice

Luxembourg is at the very heart of Europe. A key location for combining international business, innovation and technology, the Grand Duchy has experienced a real upturn that can be traced back to the end of the eighties. First a financial centre and home to a huge service providers community, Luxembourg has become the hub of a series of niche activities that has led to the diversity we see today.

It is against this dynamic background that Loyens & Loeff grew in Luxembourg. The firm quickly expanded thanks to the economic boom of those times, combined with the political stability and international culture so typical of the country.

Marc Meyers, Managing Partner, highlights this evolution from a funds perspective: “Just as Luxembourg became the gateway to the European market and the second largest investment fund centre worldwide, our office quickly adapted its services and workforce to advise businesses all around the world in structuring their funds. For instance, back when I started my career, the fund industry was focusing on UCITs structures. The demand for investment in alternative asset classes (including private equity, real estate, infrastructure and private debt) grew and we were one of the first firms to launch a department focusing on alternative investment funds (AIFs). Nowadays we are considered as one of the leading law firms advising on AIFs and the only firm with an investment management team offering asset managers a unique combination of fund, finance and tax capabilities.”

A dynamic legal environment

The fund industry is not the only one which has bloomed over the past 30 years. Luxembourg’s success has turned the country into an extremely attractive place for all kind of businesses and sectors. All of them also require special advice in corporate, regulatory and tax law. Again, Loyens & Loeff diversified its approach to respond to the requirements of the market.

Véronique Hoffeld, member of the management team, remembers the pressing need to set up a litigation practice: “Back in 2009, we did not yet have a fully dedicated litigation practice. With the considerable multiplication of litigation cases in various sectors, it became essential to advise our clients on best practices on how to prevent or face such situations. For instance, as the tax authorities grew more mature, developing better investigation methods and tools, clients now also need to be at the height of the administration’s expectations. They rely on our legal knowledge and experience to accompany them on a daily basis. And in the unfortunate event of a conflict arising, our goal is to defend the best interests of our clients and their businesses.”

Facing the challenges of a digital era

Recent years have brought a new wave of questions and changes that are sculpting “the adviser of the future”.

These challenges are not the only ones we are facing. Our lives have been impacted by the pandemic that has changed the workplace and our ability to interact with our colleagues. Investing in the well-being of its people is even more crucial for any law firm. Already high on the agenda, the need for flexibility and work-life balance has grown exponentially within the past year.

Pieter Stalman, member of the management team, explains how Loyens & Loeff answers that need: “Our firm puts its people at the heart of its business. We have built, both virtually and physically, a safe environment for each of our team members to work in while remaining close to their loved ones. We strongly believe it is our duty as a responsible firm to define a strict policy on the matter that allows us at the same time to ensure the continuity of our services to clients. It is also something to keep in mind in the longer term for the future generations that will join us.”
From its establishment in 1991, the firm has never lost sight of its values and roots. 30 years of expertise and passion, stability, and adaptability, Loyens & Loeff continues growing while keeping its human touch. This anniversary is an achievement but especially a celebration to share with everyone. And what will we share? 30 years of evolution of the Luxembourgish legal world and its major turning points.


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