Wilco Oostwouder
Senior associate - Attorney at law

Wilco Oostwouder

Wilco Oostwouder, attorney at law, is a member of the Corporate practice group.

About Wilco Oostwouder

He has experience in corporate litigation. Wilco is affiliated to the University of Utrecht as professor of Business Finance law. Wilco a frequent (guest) teacher in the field of corporate and financial law at, among other places, the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary, Governance University, and the Dutch Center for Executive and Supervisory Directors (NCD) and the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

Wilco is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Onderneming & Financering. He was a member of the supervisory committee that led an investigation into the regulations and supervision concerning the financial system on behalf of the De Wit Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry, the findings being published as Sub-Investigations 1 and 2.

Wilco is a member of the firm’s Healthcare Team and one of the editors of the Handbook for Compliance in the Healthcare Sector (2016). Furthermore Wilco is one of the initiators of the Compliance course for healthcare professionals, with a special interest on Healthcare Governance.

He has written a large number of publications and is frequently invited to speak at seminars and congresses.