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25 January 2021 / deal

Selling shareholders sell the HSF Logistics Group to DFDS

Loyens & Loeff advised the selling shareholders on the sale of 100% of the shares of HSF Logistics Group to DFDS. HSF Logistics Group is one of Europe’s leading cold chain logistics providers to meat producers and other food producers that operates temperature-controlled supply chains.

The Group operates four brands with HSF Logistics as market leader in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. N&K Spedition and Skive Køletransport are leading brands in Denmark and Scandinavia, together constituting around half of the revenue of the Group. Eurofresh is a brand focused on the German market.

In order to secure the long-term future of the HSF Logistics Group the main shareholders felt that now was the time to secure the future of the HSF Logistics Group with a long-term owner having similar values to HSF Logistics and they believe that DFDS can create the basis for a stable future with excellent opportunities for the further expansion and growth, continuing the high standards and values towards customers and employees.

Adding the HSF Logistics Group to the existing activities of DFDS expands the geographical scope to the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany and southern Europe, as well as China and Morocco. In addition, it adds expertise in meat logistics to DFDS’ expertise in aquaculture/ seafood and general food logistics. The integration of the HSF Logistics Group is expected to generate both commercial and cost synergies as well as synergies from addition of volumes to DFDS’ transport infrastructure of ferry routes and ports.

The acquisition is still subject to completion of the required employee consultation processes and approval by the European Competition Authority.

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