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Family Owned Business & Private Wealth

Do you own a family business? Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe a high net worth individual? If so, you no doubt face complex tax and legal regulations, both at home and abroad. Not just related to your business, but also to your personal (family) wealth.

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"Clients highlight the team's dedication, knowledge, availability and business sense" - Chambers & Partners

Personal and pragmatic approach

Our Family Owned Business & Private Wealth department would be delighted to offer you tailored, personal advice. We take a co-operative and forward-thinking approach, anticipating social dynamics, and help you to make the right choices. This also applies to our services for family offices, private bankers, (family) foundations and (family) trusts.

More than 100 years of experience

We are unique because of the fully-integrated collaboration between tax advisers, civil law notaries and lawyers. Your questions are considered and addressed from various perspectives. You can also draw on specialist tax and legal knowledge of the rules in our four home markets (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and you can draw on our global network.

We have more than 100 years of experience in the industry and we are genuinely interested in our clients. This allows us to efficiently transform your complex tax and legal issues into pragmatic solutions. We aim to build long-term client relationships founded on mutual trust (trusted adviser).

How we can help

We offer advice on, for example:

  • Tax and legal structuring of your family-owned business
  • Tax and legal structuring of your succession planning
  • Advice on the management and supervision of your family-owned business and wealth
  • Advice on innovation and sustainability within the family-owned business
  • Advice on prenuptial agreements and last wills
  • Establishing (family) foundations and charitable organisations
  • Protection of your wealth and your privacy
  • Advice on international and European developments
  • Tax and legal structuring of your wealth
  • Tax compliance

Would you like to know more? In the publication ‘What can you expect from us?’ we provide you further information

Lees de Nederlandse versie hier
News - 30 November 2020 - Global

New amendment protocol to the Dutch-Swiss tax treaty

Several amendments to the double tax treaty between Switzerland and the Netherlands have entered into force as from 1 January 2021.
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News - 06 October 2020 - Netherlands

Job-related investment tax credit

Netherlands: changes tax loss compensation rules and proposal job-related investment tax credit
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News - 16 September 2020 - Netherlands

Netherlands Private Wealth Guide 2020 now online

Understanding local tax and legal aspects is essential in order to contribute to the long-term success of your family-owned business and to preserve your family...
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Prinsjesdag 2020 Belastingplan 2021 Indirect Tax
News - 15 September 2020 - Netherlands

Budget Day: Tax measures and real estate

On Budget Day 2020 (Prinsjesdag) several tax measures were announced which may impact real estate investments in the Netherlands.
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What others say about us

Chambers HNW

The tax department has “very good technical skills” and “They really know what they are talking about. They really are the number-one firm for tax advice in the Netherlands.” (2021)

It is also a “very professional and experienced team with broad knowledge and strong customer focus.” (2021)

Loyens & Loeff have "a fantastic reputation" and "their service to clients is top notch," according to a source. The team regularly assists wealthy individuals and families with estate planning and tax issues. (2021)

"Integrated advice is their forte. They not only give the best possible tax advice for their clients, but they also take into account what is best for the family from a notarial and legal point of view," states a source, adding: "They always make an effort to present often very complicated issues in such a way that all aspects are easy to understand for everyone involved, so that clients can make well-contemplated decisions." (2021)

Chambers HNW

Loyens & Loeff handles private client matters for high net worth individuals and families. "They are the most famous group in this market, and indeed across Benelux," observes a wealth adviser.

One market source comments: "They are very professional, they focus on the problem and tackle the issue. They tackle the problem from different angles and that is a very strong point." Another adds: "They are consistently excellent across all their jurisdictions." (2020)

Chambers HNW

"Loyens & Loeff remains a respected provider of private wealth advice in the Netherlands. 'That is definitely who we'd go to in the Netherlands', states an international interviewee, adding: 'They are market leaders in the Netherlands, with a strong tax pedigree'." (2019)

"Sources praise the quality of the team. 'They are engaging and easy to work with and we get the job done. It's pretty seamless stuff', says a commentator, who adds that 'they have extremely useful contacts'. Another source highlights the team's 'competence and experience'." (2019)