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Legislation and regulations are changing at a rapid pace both nationally and internationally. This is due in part to measures being put in place to combat tax avoidance. For example, companies are being required to become ever more transparent in many areas, including tax matters. With the above in mind, it is crucial for you to stay up-to-date on developments and on the consequences these developments will have for your company.

Our in-depth knowledge, expertise and practical experience cover all of the various tax and legal areas relevant for your company. Our tax practice is by far the largest among European law firms. Almost half of our advisers are tax advisers and are deployed in the international and national practices, the client and transaction practices and the compliance practice. Although, in sheer numbers our practice is comparable to that of any of the Big Four accounting firms, you will find that our approach is very different to theirs.

Pragmatic advice and tailor-made service
We stand out from other law firms with our flat organisational structure, entrepreneurial mindset and pragmatic approach. In our firm, partners are very hands on and actively involved. We work in small teams and provide tailor-made services with your needs in mind. To-the-point e-mails where possible, well-thought-out advice where necessary. Obviously, with the best quality and a high level of service. 

We offer integrated services, in collaboration with both our attorneys-at-law and civil-law notaries. All of this coupled with our independence from accountants and the international nature of our services, is what makes us unique.

We are pleased to be your sparring partner and trusted adviser, regardless of the tax issue you have. We take a broad view and look beyond the specifics of your particular request for advice. The tax advisers in our sector teams - Automotive, Energy, Life Sciences and Real Estate, for example - work closely with the other experts in our firm. We have vast experience and a second-to-none understanding of what is happening in your market. Our region teams and excellent international relations with other renowned, independent tax advice and law firms provide for fast and efficient access to high-quality tax or legal advice in countries outside our home markets. You will also find that the members of our expertise teams - Transfer Pricing, Tax Controversy, Compliance and our Opinion team, for example - bring together all of the expertise necessary in a specific area.

How can we help you?

  • Tax advice on mergers, acquisitions and internal reorganisations
  • The initiation of activities and investing in or via the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland
  • The initiation of activities and investing in other EU countries
  • Advice on developments in relation to Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Package / Directive
  • State aid (risks and procedures)
  • EU law
  • Advice about transfer pricing
  • The optimisation of innovation facilities
  • Tax opinions and ‘second opinions’
  • Discussions with tax authorities and obtaining advance certainty from them / horizontal monitoring
  • Tax audits by the authorities
  • Litigation before the tax court
  • (Support in relation to) tax compliance, for example:
    • corporate tax returns
    • setting up a tax control framework
    • tax accounting and tax assurance

Your contact for questions
Our tax practice has been structured based on different types of clients.

Corporate Tax Services
Companies’ contacts in the Netherlands who need help with tax issues, can turn to our Corporate Tax Services specialists. Given our independence from accountants, our specialists are the ideal choice for public interest entities too (listed companies, insurers, banks, pension funds and housing corporations, for example). These specialists cooperate closely with our other expertise teams.

Contact persons:
- Arco Bobeldijk (Amsterdam)
- Marcel Buur (Rotterdam)

International Tax Services
Companies and law firms abroad that need help with tax issues relating to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland can turn to our International Tax Services specialists. These specialists cooperate closely with our other expertise teams.

Contact persons:
- Bartjan Zoetmulder (Netherlands)
- Harmen van Dam (Netherlands)
- Jochem van der Wal (Luxembourg)
- Natalie Reypens (Belgium)
- Beat Baumgartner (Switzerland)

Investment Management / Funds
If you are looking for advice in the field of investment management and funds, our tax and legal specialists in these fields will be pleased to provide assistance. These specialists cooperate closely with our other expertise teams. Click here for more information.

Contact persons:
- Marco de Lignie (Netherlands)
- Frank van Kuijk (Luxembourg)
- Ronald Wijs (Switzerland)

Family Owned Business & Private Wealth 
Do you have a family owned business, are you an entrepreneur or a high-wealth individual? If so, you could benefit from the services offered by the tax and legal specialists in our Family Owned Business & Private Wealth practice group. These specialists cooperate closely with our other expertise teams. Click here for more information.

Contact persons:
- Fred van der Leije (Netherlands)
- Saskia Lust (Belgium)
- Georges Frick (Switzerland)
- Marcel Vrijenhoek (Luxembourg)