Transportation Finance

Financing ships, aircraft and trains requires not only thorough knowledge of financing techniques, but also a good understanding of the underlying assets. Our transportation finance team offers that combined knowledge.

We work closely together with our tax and legal colleagues to offer an integrated solution tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Thanks to our understanding of the industry and our integrated practice, we are able to make a substantial difference in the market. 

What we can we do for you

Our ship finance practice has a long history and an impressive track record. It is viewed by other players as one of the strongest of its kind. We assist banks, ship-owners and operators with the financing of a variety of vessels. Thanks to our involvement in a large number of different financing and leasing transactions, we are well positioned to offer tailor-made solutions.

We have implemented a wide range of finance and leasing transactions involving aircraft. We assist at all levels, from the initial structuring to the documentation phase and registrations. Our well-established contacts with aviation authorities enable us to stay on top of the latest developments and trends.

Financing trains can be a complex exercise due to the lack of common rules for security in the various jurisdictions concerned. We have set up several structures where we tackled cross-border security issues and achieved innovative and successful solutions. We are often approached by rail authorities or our peers to assist with queries in relation to rolling stock and are active in the Rail Working Group which seeks to implement international security rights.



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