Podcast about Digital Economy Platforms
Podcast about Digital Economy Platforms
Interested to know more about platform economy, the employment and tax position of platform workers and how to avoid risks of a wrong qualification as much as possible? The podcast discusses the place platform workers occupy in the digital economy, which rights and obligations they have, and which challenges they and the platforms they work for are facing from a civil law and tax perspective.

How we can help

Sometimes, however, litigation cannot, or should not, be avoided. In such cases, the specialists from our Employment & Benefits team can provide exceptional strategical advice and guidance through every step of the procedure. Our specialists have litigated complex cases ranging in topics from TUPE, co-determination rights and collective bargaining-provisions to (high-profile) dismissals and pension law.

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We regularly inform our clients about changes in the law, relevant case law and other interesting developments that may have consequences for employers. Through personal contact, in-house meetings, webinars and roundtable discussions, we ensure that as an employer you stay up to date with the most recent developments.