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Transfer Pricing

Complying with the transfer pricing documentation requirements is for any company or group – from high-growth start-ups to multinationals and within the investment management sector– a top tax priority. For this you need a partner able to determine prices and pricing policies, aligning these with your business operations while complying to international standards and local law. Our transfer pricing team ticks all of these boxes.

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Eyeing the market trends for a tailored approach

Since 2017, the transfer pricing landscape is constantly evolving and tax authorities are becoming stricter, impacting companies’ local operations. Understanding your business setup while matching the more rigorous demands of the tax authorities to provide a tailored approach is what we are here for. You can count on our specialists, in direct contact with our other tax team members, to oblige.

One for all, all for you

Transfer pricing does not end when prices are set. The heightened scrutiny of tax authorities, the paramount importance of implementation and application of the arm’s length principle require a multiple set of skills that our one-stop-shop firm can offer. Our transfer pricing team combines efforts with our legal, commercial and tax litigation teams to secure efficiency throughout the transfer pricing process.

Guiding you through the whole process

From the initial information collection process to the eventual reflection of our findings in the tax returns, our services cover:

- Assessing and managing transfer pricing risks;

- Pricing financial instruments; license agreements and other arrangements;

- Profit allocation between branches and head offices;

- Identify, quantify and combat potential State Aid exposure;

- Assistance with transfer pricing documentations and procedures;

- Dispute prevention and resolution