The book provides comprehensive coverage of the enforcement practices and policies in the field of digital competition law of six European competition authorities from 2012 to 2022 (European Commission, UK Competition and Markets Authority, French Autorité de la Concurrence, German Bundeskartellamt, Dutch ACM and the Belgian Competition Authority). Written by two attorneys of Loyens & Loeff, Marc Wiggers and Robin Struijlaart, together with Joost Dibbits of Linklaters, this book constitutes an indispensable guide providing a unique, broad and diverse insight into the past, current and future developments in European digital competition law.

Less than four years have passed since the first edition of the book was published. If one however looks at the number and magnitude of the developments that have occurred since, it seems more like a lifetime. The book has grown incredibly in volume.

In addition, the scope of the book was enhanced by including a set of contextual chapters, written by renowned guest authors who are thought leaders in their fields:

  • Gareth Shier and Tristan Byrne on Economic Principles;
  • Daniel Mândrescu on Market Definition and Digital Platforms;
  • Thibault Schrépel on Blockchain Antitrust;
  • Giuseppe Colangelo on Self-Preferencing;
  • Ai Deng on Machine Learning and Antitrust;
  • Wolf Sauter on Digital Markets and Sustainability in the Context of EU Competition Law;
  • Teodora Groza on Computational Antitrust.

The dilemmas and challenges of the new competition law reality are clearly explained for the benefit of regulators, academics, policymakers, judges, in-house counsel and lawyers specialising or having an interest in competition law.

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