The investor onboarding process

Investors of investment funds are typically required to fill out complex subscription materials to complete their onboarding process. Vilmar Feenstra, Partner Investment Management: “Due to the increasingly regulated landscape, over the years subscription agreements have become more complex and extensive. We noticed that for many of our clients’ investors this made the onboarding process complex and sometimes frustrating. We have a strong focus on investment funds in our home markets and are dedicated to being the number one firm for both fund managers and investors. Therefore, we have redesigned the onboarding process with the help and input of our clients and associates. We truly believe that the Smart Subscription Tool will significantly improve the investors’ experience and are confident that this will make the onboarding process more efficient and less painful for all parties involved.”

Julien Cayet, Director Technology & Innovation: “To keep up with the worlds' pace of change, organisations need innovative, entrepreneurial approaches to ensure success. That’s why at Loyens & Loeff we have a dedicated Technology & Innovation department which continually fine-tunes our skillset and invests in new, state-of-the-art legal and tax technologies. The Smart Subscription Tool is an excellent example of how we worked together with a client to come up with this solution.”