We are pleased to announce that, this year again, Loyens & Loeff maintains its leading position as an integrated legal and tax law firm within the Private Wealth Law category.

For the third year in a row, our practice has been ranked Band 1 in The Netherlands and Luxembourg, in Belgium we hold our Band 2 ranking. Our Switzerland practice, newly arrived in the rankings last year, maintains its Band 4 position. 

We would like to thank our clients for their trust in our people and our services and we are committed to continue to deliver top services well into the future.

Chambers & Partners Guides ranks top lawyers and law firms across the world. Rankings are compiled through assessment of a firm’s work and opinions from external market sources, with an emphasis on client feedback. Firms and lawyers need to demonstrate sustained excellence in order to be ranked in the guide.

What clients and peers say about us  


"If asked to recommend Belgian lawyers, Loyens & Loeff are the only lawyers I am prepared to recommend," states a source. One interviewee says: "They are very knowledgeable, which makes them easy to work with on cross-border matters." Another interviewee comments: "The team we work with are always accurate and very capable."


Loyens & Loeff is "beyond doubt a very good-quality firm for its tax expertise," states a market commentator. The Benelux firm enjoys a strong reputation for its expertise advising high net worth individuals and families on investment structures, relocation matters and tax planning.

"I think they are very good; they are objective and they are straight to the point," says a source, adding: "In an environment with constantly changing laws, they are not only looking out for today but also for tomorrow, which I really appreciate. They are forward-thinking lawyers that can handle complex multi-jurisdictional tax issues." Another interviewee remarks: "They react quickly, efficiently, and they are to the point."

The Netherlands

Loyens & Loeff have "a fantastic reputation" and "their service to clients is top notch," according to a source. The team regularly assists wealthy individuals and families with estate planning and tax issues.

"Integrated advice is their forte. They not only give the best possible tax advice for their clients, but they also take into account what is best for the family from a notarial and legal point of view," states a source, adding: "They always make an effort to present often very complicated issues in such a way that all aspects are easy to understand for everyone involved, so that clients can make well-contemplated decisions."


One source says Loyens "are top of the bill," explaining that the teams are "technically good and understand the business of their clients," and that the "advice is to the point and solution-driven" as well as being "pragmatic and creative."

Notable practitioners Band 1

The Netherlands

Guido Derckx

According to one source, Guido Derckx is "a renowned tax lawyer in the Netherlands, with a huge and in-depth knowledge of many aspects of Dutch and international law." An interviewee notes: "I have a lot of respect for Guido. He is a fantastic tax lawyer, he is incredibly technical." Another interviewee says: "He is technically very talented, but also very practical, which is the best combination."

Pieter van Onzenoort

Pieter Van Onzenoort is a highly regarded notary who often advises high net worth clients on estate planning matters. "His strength is his knowledge of the law of succession and matrimonial succession," states a source. Another source says: "He has huge expertise in this field and he is not afraid to take a position, even if this is not generally supported." An interviewee remarks: "He is a very strong lawyer, he has fantastic knowledge of private client matters. He is nice to work with and technically excellent."


Peter Adriaansen

"I would say Peter Adriaansen is one of the very best tax practitioners in Luxembourg," says an interviewee, explaining: "He has an acute understanding of the changing tax environment in Luxembourg, he knows exactly what is going on and the implications." Adriaansen advises wealthy individuals and families on a broad range of private wealth matters, with a focus on the Latin American market. A source notes: "Peter always replies very quickly, he is always easy to contact and he always tries to find the best and smartest solution."

Notable practitioners Band 2


Saskia Lust

Saskia Lust co-heads the firm's family-owned business and private wealth team. She often advises high net worth clients on inheritance planning, migration and asset structuring. "She is a good lawyer and a very well-known name in Belgium," says a source. One interviewee notes: "She is a good tax lawyer and a good adviser." Another interviewee says: "She is very skilled and she is certainly a specialist."


Jochem van der Wal

Jochem van der Wal co-heads the firm's international tax services group. He regularly handles cross-border tax matters, with particular expertise in investment management. An interviewee remarks: "He is a very experienced and seasoned practitioner."

Notable practitioners Band 4


Beat Baumgartner

Beat Baumgartner specialises in Swiss and international tax. A client says Baumgartner "makes judgement calls on the basis of a technical analysis and a good understanding of the client's position."

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