Menno Baks is an M&A and Corporate lawyer based in the Netherlands and focuses on capital markets transactions. He is also a member of our ESG focus group.

Noémi Gémesi is a Finance lawyer based in Luxembourg and specialises in securities laws and capital markets regulation.

Tjebbe Gerverdinck is a Tax adviser based in the Netherlands, specialised in tax litigation.

Pleuni Visser is a Tax adviser based in the Netherlands, who specialises in providing advisory services to family-owned businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

Harmen Holtrop, Managing Partner, about the appointments: “We are delighted and proud to welcome our four new partners and are confident that their expertise and personality will contribute to our firm’s ambition to be a leading Law & Tax firm in Europe. Their appointment will further position us to take the next steps in servicing our clients with integrated tax and legal advice in our home markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.”