The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) has now become the first European museum to use an Art Security Token offering to enlarge their art collection. This enables a broad spectrum of art lovers and the general public to invest in a museum-quality piece of art.

The issue of Art Security Tokens is bound by the financial legislation and the monitoring of this by the supervisory authorities. This distinguishes Art Security Tokens from unregulated tokens such as Bitcoin and NFTs, which generally do not yet have a clear legal framework yet.

The tokens will grant the investor a fractional ownership in the masterpiece. After a period of 10-year custodianship in the museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the masterpiece will be sold. The actual token holders will share the potential profit.

The Rubey platform aims to, with this project, foster financial inclusion and provide museums with a new way of funding masterpieces in times where traditional ways of funding are drying up.