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#1 Sustainable Investing

In our first podcast episode: 'How ESG & corporate purpose contribute to a sustainable investment future', our host Janet H. Anderson and guests Piet Klop, Research Director a.i. (SDI - Asset Owner Platform) & Head of Responsible Investment (PGGM Investments) and Antoinette van der Hauw, Partner Corporate / M&A (Loyens & Loeff), tackle the consequences of sustainable investing.

The challenges current and future generations are facing manifest on a global scale. More and more people are demanding that not only the government, but also companies take responsibility for worldwide challenges like climate change, pandemics and world food supply. This point of view has real consequences for companies, as they are not only being judged on their financial performance, but also on their real-world impact.

What does this mean for investors? What are companies and branch organizations already doing to substantiate the real-world effects of investments? And how does the SDI Asset Owner Platform help investors effectively engage with companies that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations?

Corporate Social Responsibility at Loyens & Loeff

For us, CSR is about for more than recycling and switching off lights; it’s about acting on our responsibilities to society and the environment. If you would like to read more about CSR at Loyens & Loeff, please visit this page. In our CSR report 2020 you will find an overview of our CSR focus areas and the major projects we supported in 2020.

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Should you have any questions regarding this podcast or would like to discuss the topic sustainable investing in more detail. Please feel free to reach out to Antoinette van der Hauw via the contact details below.

If you would like to know more about the SDI Asset Owner Platform, visit their page here

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