The GC Powerlist is a series of publications, events and networking opportunities which highlight the most influential in-house lawyers and legal teams in business today.

By sponsoring the GC Powerlist, we reaffirmed our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the legal industry. We believe in celebrating the achievements of outstanding legal professionals who drive positive change and make significant contributions to their organisations and the broader legal community.

We understand that General Counsels bear a weighty and strategic responsibility within their respective organisations with lots of challenges such as: navigating intricate regulatory frameworks while fostering competitiveness in a global landscape, advocating for industry interests, nurturing the talents within your legal teams, and managing relationships with external advisors. While already providing assistance to some of the GCs in navigating these challenges, our decision to host this event transcends mere branding or visibility. As a leading law & tax firm with over 30-year presence in Luxembourg, we firmly believe that we have a duty to foster a sense of community within the Luxembourg legal sphere. In essence, in the spirit of our firm's motto, "Further. Better. Together.", we acknowledge that significant achievements like that are only possible through collaboration and unity.

It was an honour to host the GC Powerlist event in our premises this year and we look forward to continuing our partnership with The Legal 500 as well as supporting initiatives that promote excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the legal industry.