The Commercial lease loan 

The Brussels commercial lease loan (handelshuurlening/ le prêt sur le loyer commercial) is available since 15 January 2021. The aim of this measure is, on the one hand, to alleviate the liquidity problems of Brussels entrepreneurs who rent commercial premises and, on the other hand, to offer the landlords of these premises more payment security, even when the tenant is in a difficult financial situation. This loan is based on a prior agreement between the two parties in which the landlord waives the rent for a number of months. The tenant borrows for up to four months' rent from the Brussels Region. The loan is paid directly to the landlord and qualifies as rent.

Extension and upgrade

In order to allow more tenants and landlords to benefit from the measure and to respond in the best way to their needs, the Brussels Government recently adopted the decision of 17 December 2020, among which:

  • the increase of the maximum amount of the trade rental loan per tenant from EUR 35.000 to EUR 75.000;
  • the extension of the measure until 15 November 2021 (in stead of the initial deadline of 30 June 2021);
  • the extension of the repayment period from two to five years;
  • the possibility of using the loan despite the existence of rent arrears on 18 March 2020, provided that they are paid off at the time of the loan application.

The decision also states that the adaptations can also be made to the commercial lease loans granted prior to the entry-into-force of the decision of 27 May 2021, by way of an addendum to the existing commercial lease loan. It is also possible for tenants who fall under the applicable conditions, to apply the commercial lease loan for a second time.

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