Sector specific experience

Thanks to our sector specific experience, our experts comprehend exactly what you need. We assist businesses active in all areas of the digital economy. Our clients operating in the digital sector cover the following fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Blockchain Technology;
  • Cloud Sourcing;
  • EHealth;
  • Fintech;
  • Gaming and gambling industry;
  • InsureTech; and
  • Platforms / web services;
  • Robotics.
Integrated advice

We have put together a firm-wide team with highly specialist experts from our various practise groups in all our home markets. This integrated and dynamic approach guarantees high-end and extremely efficient solutions for our clients covering all relevant legal and tax aspects of their.

How we can help you

Contracts - rely on us to prepare and negotiate contracts for you in the field of software development and technological development, access to platforms / web services, essential technology and procurement and delivery of IT and digital services and products, or to protect your interests and (intellectual property) rights in the digital economy.

Compliance, defense & dawn raids - we offer tailored advice on all regulatory topics that may arise in the digital economy, investigations by competent authorities and governmental bodies, and we can provide assistance in any related disputes, and represent you in court proceedings.

Litigation - our experts have extensive litigation experience in all fields of the digital economy, including follow-on civil damages actions and class actions.

Tax - Our tax specialists have a long track record of advising the Technology and Digital Economy sector. We are a premium tax firm covering all tax areas and provide assistance/advice on matters such as setting tax strategy and assisting in tax controversy and litigation, tax guidance in (re)structuring and M&A, tracking and implementing relevant tax changes in business setting, and taking care of tax compliance and reporting.

Privacy - Our data experts assist our clients with realising their business models in a lawful manner, flag privacy issues proactively, advise on risks and concerns, and keep our clients abreast of relevant developments. As such, we advised the PrivateTracer consortium – a growing non-profit public-private partnership (consisting of Microsoft, Leiden University Medical Center, Municipality The Hague, Deloitte, Software Improve Group and others) for the development of contact tracing application to be used to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus in the context of the corona pandemic.

Competition - As more and more competition takes place online, digital competition has become a spearhead for competition authorities around the globe. Parties in the digital economy increasingly face challenges that competition law brings to their businesses. We help clients to face these challenges and mitigate the risks involved. We for instance assist clients with sales policy, such price setting by algorithms, differentiating in prices, rebates systems, rakings and assist in contacts with authorities, such as dawn raids, complaints, leniency

News - 07 December 2020 - Global

Directive on Representative Actions for Consumers

Companies operating in the EU may face additional class action systems across the EU once the EU Directive on Representative Actions is implemented
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News - 04 December 2020 - Global

ACM online payment services providers

ACM calls for a level playing field for online payment services providers
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Article - 03 December 2020 - Netherlands

The algorithm register

The launch of an algorithm register with the objective to increase transparency about the algorithms that are being used has announced.
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Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act
News - 02 November 2020 - Global

Latest developments Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act

Loyens & Loeff discusses latest developments in Kluwer competition blog.
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