Loyens & Loeff

Project development Team

Our Project development Team acts as an internal and external knowledge centre for the purpose of developing real estate and the infrastructure behind it. This way, we ensure an integrated approach and high-quality service provision.

In project development multiple legal disciplines come together. For example, construction law, administrative law and zoning, competition and procurement law, corporate law, financing and direct or indirect taxation are involved when developing real estate. The specialised knowledge of these areas, present in the relevant practice groups, is brought together in the Project development Team. Each member of the team is proficient in his/her field of law within the specific context of project development.

Our team advises developers, government bodies, investors, end users, financers and land vendors.

How we work
We collect and share our specialised knowledge and actively respond to market trends and changes in legislation. To do so, we continuously tailor and develop our legal service products. This translates, for example, into advice on the approach to take in area development, contract forms for contractual clauses or advice related to sustainable development.