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Real Estate Management

After acquisition, the day-to-day management of your real estate assets is essential to ensure the profitability of the investment. We do not underestimate asset management, and we help you from the post-acquisition care to all letting items, and portfolio restructuring, treating legal and tax aspects as equal components, and acting also in contentious matters.

Belgian Court of Appeal rules on abuse of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive
News - 27 January 2021

Un arrêt de Cour d'Appel belge se prononce sur l'abus de la Directive Mère-Filiale à la suite des « Danish cases ».

La Cour d'appel de Gand s'est récemment prononcée sur la question de savoir si l'exonération de la retenue à la source prévue par la Directive Mère-Filiale pouvait...
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Belgian Court of Appeal rules on abuse of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive
News - 27 January 2021

Belgian Court rules on abuse of Parent-Subsidiary Directive after the Danish cases

On 1 December 2020, the Ghent Court of Appeal (the Court) ruled on the question whether the exemption of withholding tax (WHT) laid down in the Parent-Subsidiary...
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Article - 27 January 2021 - Netherlands

Investment Management News Update – Winter Edition

An overview in which the Investment Management Practice Group highlights legal, regulatory and tax publications, as well as news items.
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News - 26 January 2021 - Belgium

Wanneer speel je best open kaart bij openbare aanbestedingen?

Aanbestedende overheden kunnen inschrijvers verplichten om bij hun verzoek tot deelname of offerte het bewijs te leveren van corrigerende maatregelen.
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Leases management in COVID-19 times: is the rent (fully) due?

Our services

Asset Management

  • Co-ownership and rights in rem
  • Leases and lease incentives
  • VAT leases and other VAT regimes
  • Operating permits and authorizations per asset class
  • Refurbishments and renovations
  • Soil issues


  • Merger, (partial) de-merger, contribution of business
  • Transfer of contracts and authorizations
  • Due diligence
  • Soil issue

Tax and accounting services