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Public Procurement and Competitive Tendering

Authorities, public law entities and certain utilities operators are not free to contract. In many instances, they are required to follow public procurement rules when awarding contracts for works, supplies, services or concessions.

Even when the public procurement rules do not apply, authorities and public law entities must respect general principles in relation to transparency and competitive tendering when entering into arrangements with third parties.

Likewise, private sector operators bidding for public contracts in local, EU or international public procurement procedures must take into account a complex set of rules and related risks of non-compliance.

Our cross-office public procurement team assists all parties involved in the procurement process.  Our lawyers are familiar with the procurement issues in a wide variety of sectors, including infrastructure, energy, health & pharma and IT. We provide strategic advice and transactional support and assist you with procurement disputes, whether in a pre-litigation phase or before the administrative and civil courts.