His focus is on estate planning, nationally as well as internationally, and governance and transfers of family businesses and other family property.

Pieter is a member of the Dutch State Commission for International Private Law, the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners (STEP). Pieter is the author of various publications in the field of estate and succession planning, one of which is the first book on estate planning in the Netherlands in 1994. He regularly lectures at seminars in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Civil law and company law, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 1987
Notarial law, Rijks Universiteit Leiden, 1988

What others say

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Pieter Van Onzenoort is a highly regarded notary who often advises high net worth clients on estate planning matters. "His strength is his knowledge of the law of succession and matrimonial succession," states a source. Another source says: "He has huge expertise in this field and he is not afraid to take a position, even if this is not generally supported." An interviewee remarks: "He is a very strong lawyer, he has fantastic knowledge of private client matters. He is nice to work with and technically excellent."
Chambers HNW (2021)
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"Pieter Van Onzenoort is highly respected for his work on notarial matters and acts for a variety of clients in the high net worth market. "He's very good at explaining very complex material to my family, not all of whom have the relevant education," comments one local source. An overseas adviser adds: "I know Pieter very well and he is very intelligent, very considered and has some great client relationships."
Chambers HNW (2020)
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"Pieter Van Onzenoort is a well-known notary who has an extensive practice advising high net worth clients on estate planning and business planning. 'He has a very good reputation in the market from the notarial side, but he can also look at the bigger picture'," states a Dutch commentator. Another local source describes Van Onzenoort as 'a great notary in the high net worth individual field'."
Chambers HNW (2019)
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"Pieter Van Onzenoort 'is one of the few notaries practising in the international context', states one observer. 'He's a very well-known notary with a focus on both domestic and international private client work', says another interviewee, adding: 'He's the leading notary in the Netherlands for private individuals'. He advises clients on estate planning, including inter-generational family business transfers, and also handles family governance matters. He is a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners."
Chambers HNW (2018)
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