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Public & Administrative Law

For businesses seeking to undertake and expand their day-to-day activities, ever-changing government regulations often mean increased contact with authorities. Frequently, this relationship is collaborative, but at other times it can be more adversarial. Regardless of the nature, sound legal support is always indispensable to achieve the best outcome. Loyens & Loeff offers support at every stage of any interaction; for, against and with government authorities.

All-encompassing administrative law support

Our team offers specialised support and assistance on all matters that fall under the umbrella of administrative law. This includes official decisions made by public bodies, obtaining permits or other approvals, and managing enforcement or regulation proceedings. Our expertise extends to providing strategic advice before, during and after any of your interactions with authorities.

Our range of expertise

We provide advice, support and conduct proceedings in areas of both general and specific administrative law:

  • Subsidies for businesses and institutions (including objections and appeals);
  • Proceedings against acts and regulations (e.g. pharmaceutical and food industries);
  • Enforcement activities against businesses from regulators (e.g. environmental, licensing and construction laws);
  • Obtaining approvals and permits to undertake specific activities;
  • Offering urgent assistance to enterprises in case of incidents or accidents (e.g. in the area of environmental law), where there is a threat of administrative or even criminal enforcement (whether or not together with our specialists from corporate investigations).
  • Managing international sanctions in commerce; and
  • Compensation for damage caused by an official body due to lawful acts.

How we work

We offer specialised services in cases that include both administrative and private law components: environmental law, spatial developments, and construction & energy. Our team also ensures that our clients are well-informed and up-to-date on key developments through newsletters, publications and seminars.