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Holiday accumulation – (no) news under the sun
Article - 07 March 2019 - Luxembourg

The added value of investor representation

Institutional investors increasingly ask the help of Luxembourg counsel to review the alternative investment funds in which they may participate.
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Loyens & Loeff
Article - 05 March 2019 - Luxembourg

Budget Bill of Law 2019: get to know what the proposed tax measures are

The proposed tax measures include a reduction of the corporate income tax rate, and amendments to the fiscal unity regime.
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Tax reform – Draft Repair Bill: Relevant changes for the real estate sector
Article - 05 March 2019 - Luxembourg

Everything you need to know on Luxembourg funds

From the regulatory and tax environment to the fund formation, get a comprehensive overview of the Luxembourg investment funds market.
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Tax Alert May 2018
News - 01 March 2019 - Luxembourg

The RCS clarifies the Luxembourg register of ultimate beneficial owners' scope

What is the impact of the Luxembourg law establishing the register of beneficial owners on the Luxembourg Trade and Companies register (RCS)?
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News - 01 March 2019 - Luxembourg

Is blockchain compatible with GDPR?

Our partner, Véronique Hoffeld, explains if there is a compatibility between Blockchain and the General Data Protection Regulation.
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Article - 26 February 2019 - Luxembourg

Luxembourg inward investments: which taxation rules do apply?

Luxembourg maintains a certain degree of flexibility in its legal system to cope with an ever-increasing volume of inward investment.
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Tax dispute and litigation review
15 February 2019 - Global

Luxembourg Parliament adopts MLI ratification law

The Luxembourg Parliament adopted the law ratifying the OECD Multilateral Convention to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent BEPS.
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Super priority retention of title strengthens supplier's credit
Article - 15 February 2019 - Luxembourg

MLI law will effectively modify bilateral tax treaties

Luxembourg Parliament adopts the multilateral instrument (MLI) introducing a general anti-abuse provision – the principal purposes test - that will make demonstrating...
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Ultimate beneficial owners become public in the UBO register
News - 14 February 2019 - Luxembourg

New register of beneficial owners: 10 key aspects

Anne Klethi, tax adviser, explains the consequences of the register of beneficial owners in 10 points.
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Belgian Constitutional Court decides on Fairness Tax
News - 14 February 2019 - Luxembourg

Loyens & Loeff advises BlueBay Asset Management on its largest private debt fund

We advised BlueBay Asset Management on the Luxembourg legal and regulatory aspects of the set-up of its latest private debt fund.
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