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renewable energy solar power plant
Deal - 28 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg advises Banco Santander in the debt restructuring of the Abengoa Group

Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg acted as local legal counsel to Banco Santander in the EUR 3.4bn restructuring of the Abengoa Group, a global conglomerate and a world...
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Financial technology law review - Lux
News - 20 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Luxembourg: A fintech-friendly jurisdiction

Luxembourg is a fintech-friendly jurisdiction, there are further steps to be taken to ensure a long-lasting implantation of innovative companies.
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The 7 most important consequences of international tax changes for commodity traders
News - 17 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Insurance companies: are you ready for IDD?

Getting ready for IDD requires advance preparation: two important areas include identifying affected employees and establishing training.
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16 May 2019 - Luxembourg

New awards for the Litigation Team!

Recognised for its excellent year 2018, the Litigation team were awarded the ‘The National Team of the Year’ at Benchmark Litigation Awards 2019 ceremony in...
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News on cross-border financial services in Belgium post-Brexit
News - 15 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Corporate recovery and insolvency in Luxembourg: key takeaways

Get an overview of the principal rules that apply to corporate recovery and insolvency in Luxembourg.
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Data Protection & Privacy Update - March 2018
News - 07 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Beneficial Owners: Four Months to go

Preventing abusive use of European structures for criminal activities is one of the current main concerns of the EU institutions. For that purpose, a new obligation...
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Article - 07 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Is your Luxembourg holding company off the VAT hook?

VAT and holding companies is a story of love and hate. From fully intertwined to complete ignorance from one another, navigating through the rules – an ever...
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Article - 03 May 2019 - Luxembourg

Luxembourg Employment Law Review: what to keep in mind

What are the main aspects of Luxembourg Employment law to keep in mind? Our authors identify its main traits in the below article.
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Data Protection & Privacy Update
News - 30 April 2019 - Luxembourg

Smart contracts: the future of legal engineering?

Are blockchain smartcontracts the future of legal engineering? Olivier Marquais discusses the use of this technological tool in commercial agreements and its...
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Free flows of personal data
News - 23 April 2019 - Global

Luxembourg and MIFID II third countries access regime for investment services: publication of CSSF Circular 19/716

When it intends to provide investment services in Luxembourg, a third country firm should now comply with the following texts.
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