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VAT and rent free period: the end of a Luxembourg nightmare?

The Luxembourg Tribunal may well have just put a grin on the face of Luxembourg real estate promoters and developers, as two of its recent decisions seem to bring an end to the non-deductibility of input VAT triggered by rent free periods in lease contracts.

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Luxembourg corporate law: asset for Private Equity

Luxembourg is one of the most appealing jurisdictions in the European landscape. Stability, constant growth, business oriented systems... Siobhán McCarthy explains in Paperjam how its legal framework also participates in its dynamism and appears as a drawcard to Private Equity firms willing to establish themselves in Luxembourg.

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Home and keys - compromis de vente

Everything you need to know about the “compromis de vente”

You are a first time buyer and are about to sign a “compromis de vente”? Before doing so you may want to know what the “compromis de vente” is all about. This Q&A will give you some insight before committing.

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Tax reform – Draft Repair Bill: Relevant changes for the real estate sector

Everything you need to know on Luxembourg funds