We are appalled by the Russian military aggression and the human suffering it has caused and continues to cause in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. We strongly condemn the invasion and join the widespread call for an immediate end to hostilities and a restoration of compliance with international law.

In view of this, we have tightened our already strict client and matter acceptance policies. Whilst these policies go further than mere compliance with our professional obligations, they reflect our values as a firm and we are convinced that this is the right course to follow in this exceptional crisis situation.

We will not work for clients or entities on any sanction list even where such work may be permitted under the regulations. Furthermore, we will not accept new instructions from persons or entities based in or controlled from Russia, Belarus and the non-government controlled areas of Ukraine or from an entity that is under the control of the Russian Federation or Belarus.

Where client relationships are to be brought to an end, we will, of course, continue to abide by the duty of care required by the relevant professional code(s) of conduct to the fullest extent possible.

We are proud of our people who have been fundraising and taking part in initiatives to bring supplies or relief to those affected. As a firm, we have chosen to support UNHCR in their efforts to help those driven from the safety of their homes seeking refuge with their families and loved ones. Please join us in this endeavour.

Loyens & Loeff