On 8 December 2021, the Brussels Labour Lower Court issued a judgement related to the status of Deliveroo couriers. 

The court ruled that, given the circumstances of the case, the couriers must be considered as self-employed and cannot be qualified as employees neither can they benefit from the specific status based on the “collaborative economy”. 

The day following the judgment, 9 December 2021, the European Commission issued a draft legislation to ensure, under certain conditions, the employee status to platform workers. 

This brings a lot of changes and new elements. What impact does it have for you? What is it for you too? In the first section, find 10 basic takeaways to avoid requalification for all self-employed workers. 

Afterwards, we will analyse why the court did not consider Deliveroo’s activities to be part of the "collaborative economy" and the reasons why the court considered them to be self-employed and not employees. We will then also analyse the potential impact of future European legislation in this area.