In our experience, these situations might lead to questions, such as:

  • do we need a work or resident permit for the employee?
  • will we be confronted with Dutch mandatory labour law?
  • does the employee have to pay tax in the Netherlands and do we have a payroll obligation?
  • must we pay Dutch social security contributions?
  • how can we arrange for the participation in our company pension plan?

In this guidebook we will provide the answers to these and many other questions, grouped per subject, based on our knowledge and years of experience.

We know that each situation triggers its specific questions. Consequently, we cannot rule out that you will still have questions after having read out guidebook. Moreover, since rules and regulations in the relevant areas are very detailed, it is impossible to give you an exhaustive overview. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with additional information.


Q&A - Employment in the Netherlands

A guidebook for employers