The assignment

Loyens & Loeff was instructed to advise on different aspects of the project by combining both our legal and tax expertise, such as:

  • land acquisition from the municipality
  • sale to investor ASR Real Estate
  • ownership structuring, such as the division into apartment rights and establishment of rights
  • construction aspects

The result

“Tree House” comprises approximately 290 apartment units, 17,000 square meters office and commercial space. Provast is developing this sustainable mixed-use building on the Delftseplein, directly adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station.

This project is a new step in sustainable building, living and working. The inspiration for the building comes from a tree, as its name suggests. The roof and balconies of “Tree House” generate solar energy and the building also gathers rain. The plentifulness of greenery helps to increase biodiversity and diminish heat stress.

Find out more

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