The Paris Arbitration Week (PAW) is a major annual event uniting and connecting the international community of arbitration experts from across the globe. Through various academic and social events taking place over a week in Paris, one of the major hubs for international arbitration, arbitration practitioners will exchange, network and debate on key topics, issues and developments in the field of international arbitration.   

At this occasion, on 20 March 2024, our arbitration experts Olivier van der Haegen, Hakim Boularbah, Tom Claassens, Bastiaan Kemp, Véronique Hoffeld, Robin Moser, Melle Boevink, Romy Menasalvas Garrones, Olivier Marquais and Johanna Hädinger will be hosting, for the second consecutive year in our Paris office an interactive roundtable with experts from various jurisdictions, debating and sharing their insights.

This year’s edition will focus on document production in international arbitration. Document production has a significant impact on procedural fairness and efficiency. It is pivotal in case management, serving as an important tool in gathering factual evidence, aiding parties in evaluating their position, in assessing strategies, in facilitating settlements, etc.

How arbitrators, counsel, national state courts manage and decide on document disclosure is shaped by a series of elements influenced by applicable law and norms, legal background and legal tradition.

Our arbitration experts will team up with seasoned external speakers to thoroughly examine the intricacies of document production in international arbitration. The discussion will be kicked-off with an exchange on the tribunal’s perspective and cultural differences in document disclosure. A comparative discussion on state courts' aid in document production will then follow, offering viewpoints from our firm’s home markets, namely the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

The team is very much looking forward to exchanging valuable insights with peers and to inviting the audience to participate in an engaging discussion.

This session will be closed with a light lunch and Champaign!

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Paris Arbitration Week
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