INDR’s mission is to guide Luxembourg companies in their process of being socially responsible. The institute helps them implement sustainable development in their strategy, taking into account essential values such as responsibility, transparency and continuous improvement.

Véronique Hoffeld, Managing Partner at L&L, emphasises a long-term commitment: “Given the nature of our activity, we realised that we could have an increased positive impact on society through CSR. In that context, we created a dedicated committee that does its utmost to make CSR a priority.”

Assia Benamar, head of the committee, adds: “We feel it is more and more important to focus on people. The actions taken in the firm head in that direction and are in line with our values and the expectations of our stakeholders.”

Véronique highlights that the journey is not over: “The label is not an end in itself. It requires constant work. We have met the challenge this year and in three years’ time, we will share our progress with you and reaffirm our commitment.”