Loyens & Loeff aims to provide smart and efficient services, now and in the future. Since launching the Technology & Innovation Accelerator program and integrating smart technology into daily operations over the last decade, Loyens & Loeff is eager for its people to get involved in taking the next step towards becoming an innovative and  increasingly solution-driven partner for its clients.

Power to the people

Colleagues across the firm are best placed to know which processes and services would benefit from innovative solutions. Which is why Loyens & Loeff is encouraging them to present a challenge that they or their clients face and would like to tackle with new innovation. Throughout the challenge, participants will take part in inspirational sessions hosted by external innovation experts. Teams that make the final will be taught how to turn their identified challenge into a professionally designed concept solution.

The challenge started last Monday, and the winning team will be selected by a jury of internal and external innovation experts on the 2 July 2021. The winning team will receive funding and operational support to make their innovative idea a reality before the end of 2021.

Innovation through co-creation

Innovation through co-creation is what this challenge is all about. Loyens & Loeff believes that everyone can contribute to and benefit from innovative solutions. The Innovation Challenge ’21 motivates colleagues to form diverse teams, develop their innovation skills and compete in a fun, engaging way which benefits clients, partners and colleagues.