For the past years we, at Loyens & Loeff have explored and tested innovative digital solutions. This experience now enables us to open up a digital legal services platform for our clients, “My Loyens & Loeff”. Our aim is to unlock new forms of collaboration by co-creating innovative tools and solutions with clients and selected technology providers.

In a first phase, we will be beta testing two applications with certain clients: an intelligent contract drafter developed by ClauseBase and a corporate housekeeping tool developed by Corporify. Based on the feedback from this testing group, we will further explore new applications, tools and other offerings that can be added to the platform.

Robrecht Coppens, partner Corporate – M&A: “Our clients’ needs are central in the further development of the platform. The platform should not just be another run-off-the-mill client portal - our goal is to provide truly innovative technologies to allow us to offer better, faster, tailored and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. New tech solutions will be selected and tested by us with care before we offer these to our clients.

The intelligent contract drafter ClauseBase gives access to a library of automated, interactive contracts, drafted by Loyens & Loeff. The application is easy to use and the underlying contracts provide the user with dozens of options amongst intelligent clauses that adapt in function of the choices made.

Godfried Ampe, counsel Corporate – M&A: “Contract drafting software has been around for many years and in many forms and sizes. For our platform we opted to work with ClauseBase as we believe it is offering a real quality solution. Using the tool, you can instantly notice that it is developed by former lawyers with many years of contract drafting experience.

Maarten Truyens, founder of ClauseBase adds: “Contracts may seem simple on the surface, but the number of possible variations is countless. Our software enables to manage that complexity, with clauses that behave like dynamic building blocks. ClauseBase aims at offering practical solutions to numerous daily obstacles - from time-consuming searches for clauses, grammatical adjustments and translations to automatic numbering and definition lists. This allows lawyers and other legal professionals to improve quality and save time. With Loyens & Loeff, we want to further improve this new way of working. Their mindset and culture is digital-ready and they appreciate that technology creates opportunities, not only for themselves but also for their clients.

The corporate housekeeping tool Corporify automates administrative tasks related to corporate and contractual housekeeping and legal compliance duties. It facilitates the management of legal entities and workflows by centralizing and organizing corporate legal data and documents in a safe environment. It also safeguards legal compliance with a smart reminders system.

Marc Vermylen, managing partner Loyens & Loeff Brussels, concludes: “With co-creating a platform for our clients we trust we are taking the right steps towards sharing knowledge with clients and improving efficiencies for all. We strongly believe that digital legal assistance tools are instrumental to optimizing works streams going forward and wish to contribute to defining and shaping client-centric digital solutions of the future.